Donation for May 2018 Book Sales

My proceeds for the month of May 2018 have been received!

Another great month!

As you can see in the image (once the conversion to Canadian dollars is completed), I'll be donating:


... to the Huntington Society of Canada this month!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped make this happen.

Steve Beatty

Steven Beatty
Donation for April 2018 Book Sales


Woo hoo! The donating has begun!

Finally, after a two-and-a-half month wait, the proceeds are now coming in. Today, the proceeds from the month of April arrived in my bank account and I immediately sent them on to the Huntington Society of Canada.

April was a great month for proceeds as it was the book release month and all my family and friends bought copies (thanks family and friends!).

Okay, now for details!

Currently, there is an anonymous donor who has agreed to match all the donations made to the Huntington Society of Canada until the end of June, 2018. This is huge, and I'm immensely happy that I was able to donate some money before the month ended. I don't know who you are anonymous donor, but thank you. You are doing an amazing thing and making a difference.

The proceeds from the In-Between Years book sales in April 2018 were:

$637.89 Canadian Dollars

With the anonymous donor involved, that doubles to:


Thank you so much everyone!! Keep checking back monthly for more announcements!

Steven Beatty
One Month Left Until Dollars Start Coming In!

The sixty day book release anniversary will be mid June. Funds will begin being released to me on July 1, based on my understanding of how this all works. 

I can't wait to start donating this money! 

Watch this page for updates! 

Steven Beatty
First Week Sales

I can't withdraw any of this money from Amazon until 60 days after the month it was made, but I thought I'd give you a peek into the opening week sales. 

I know a lot of these sales are my family and friends, so there's no way this pace will continue, but wouldn't it be great if it did! Thank you everyone who bought a copy!

That totals up to $239.37 for the opening week on Amazon! 

There may be more paperbacks that have been sold during that time that haven't shipped yet. They are not added to this chart by Amazon until shipping takes place.

I can't wait to start donating this cash to the Huntington Society in a couple of months.  

Thanks again!! 


Steven Beatty